Tips for Selecting Proper Sunglasses For Your Alaska Wilderness Adventure

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selecting hunting fishing sunglasses

At Renfro’s Alaskan Adventure, we’re proud to offer comprehensive adventures across the incredible state of Alaska. From wilderness, fishing and hunting adventures in both guided and unguided formats, we’re here to provide you with every little detail that will make your adventure the memory of a lifetime.

This includes even minute specifics – our pros have been on thousands of adventures across our beautiful state, and we know how forgetting even one minor piece of equipment or need can impact the entire trip. One such item that’s particularly necessary for a wilderness adventure, full-day fishing or hunting trip that may strain the eyes: Proper sunglasses, both for maintaining proper vision and protecting from a full day in the sun. Sunglasses are just as essential as your boots, fishing reel, or gun – here are some factors you should consider when purchasing a new pair.

UV Protection

For starters, UV protection is vital for polarized sunglasses you’ll be wearing for long periods. Not only should sunglasses protect from a full range of UV rays, they should do so from all angles and sides.

Another important consideration here is the lenses themselves. For rafting or fishing aficionados, polarized lenses are a must due to the reflection of UV rays off the water. In cases of hunting, polarized lenses might not always be required, but they’re valuable to have around either way. Finally, frames should be large enough to block the sun but still allow proper vision.


What should a wilderness adventurer, angler or hunter be paying for a quality pair of sunglasses? It depends who you ask. Those who are confident in their ability to maintain quality sunglasses without losing or damaging them often pay up to $300 for a high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses, but this isn’t always necessary. You can get great options for between $40 and $150 in most cases.


If your sunglasses aren’t comfortable, guess what? You won’t wear them, leaving your face and eyes exposed. For this reason, comfort and fit should be vital priorities.

This starts with the frames, which should fit snugly on your nose and ears without providing too much pressure. Weight should be evenly distributed between the ears and nose, and your eyelashes should not make contact with the insides of the ledges. If you’re purchasing fishing sunglasses, there are several styles available with adjustable nose pieces that can be pinched together or further apart.


Finally, especially if you go for the pricier end of sunglasses, you may consider a warranty. High-quality pairs generally come with a lifetime guarantee for material or frame defects, and some companies go even further and offer replacements for broken frames with no questions asked – companies like these are usually good options, as this signals their own confidence in the quality of their frames.

For more on choosing sunglasses for your next wilderness adventure, hunting or fishing trip, or for information on any of our Alaskan Adventures, speak to the staff at Renfro’s Alaskan Adventure today.